The Ritual of 418: Hadit-Thoth

           By Frater Serpentis Satori 9=2

           10 July 02ve: Sun/Moon in Cancer




       This Ritual synthesizes every important aspect of Magick it may be used as its own rite, for contact with Thoth, The Element of Air, or a method of achieving Conversation and Communion with The Holy Guardian Angel replacing the Horus Aion Formulae of Liber XLIV: The Mass of The Phoenix and Liber CXX: The Ritual of Passing Through Tuat. All three are contained within the Ritual, and as its function is exalting and uniting those Spirits, and attuning one to The Aion of Thoth/Age of The Cup Bearer through those forces, its use is beneficial to all humanity.

      It draws from many sources that are seldom put into unity from Aurum Solis Magick, Crowley, and Classic Alchemy. This form of the Ritual is the result of my Work upon Crowley’s Thoth Invocation, while adding the energies of Hadit, and Elemental Air. Thus the triple nature of the Ritual, but as the Caduceus and Alchemy, as well as Liber AL vel Legis are all built on such trinities, so is this.

      My other papers on this site, explain the relationship between Alchemy and Thelema, Hadit and Mercury. They are useful to understanding this Rite, but not essential. Nor is the study of Classical Alchemy, or Magick of the Aurum Solis, from which I drew much inspiration in this final form of the ritual. Crowley’s connection I should mention in brief as both context, and its origin.     

      As Crowley says in the shorter retelling of the Thoth story in Magick without Tears, “ A quarter of a century ago I was in New Orleans (In Aleph he says “Being in a Travail of Spirit I did invoke the All-Father by his Caduceus”) of so I bethought myself that I had better invoke Mercury. As soon as I got into the appropriate frame of mind, it naturally occurred to me with joy, ‘But I am Mercury’…Like a flash it came to me to put it into Greek, which gave me Hermes Eimi, and adding it up rapidly I got the number 418, with all the abundant correspondences which have been so useful to me in the past.” In Aleph he also adds in the retelling, “…Four Hundred Eighteen, like unto the Word of the Aeon. So by this I knew that my Work was well wrought in Truth…is the Word of Truth echoed throughout all Worlds; and thus have the Wise mighty Assurance in their Way.” 

       The 418 Rituals too began here in New Orleans, at first practiced by few and secret Alchemists. They started as Mercury-Hermes Rituals on 4/18, but continued to evolve from there and now can be done daily, but everyone on this Current and Path should perform it on the 18th of each month. In any forms its repeated use is profound and immediate.

      In the Original Ritual, our Lodge Banished with Liber Reguli, Star Sapphire, Opening The Watchtowers, then used Homeric Hymn to Hermes in Greek, Crowley’s Invocation to Thoth, (All in 4ABA except Watchtowers[1] and The Homeric Hymn) consumed our Secret Mass, read the entirety of Liber Ararita passing it around, each Magickian reading a chapter. The Second Form was more directed toward Thoth’s Current: we Banished using the Sons’ of Horus in the Four Directions, A Pyramid and Caduceus Meditation to center, Spells from Budge Edition of The Book of The Dead: Pylons[2]; Thoth[3]; Light in Darkness[4]; Khephri Lotus[5], then Crowley’s Invocation to Thoth, using the Greek in Mantra before closing with Liber Ararita. Learning from the extremes of both earlier versions produced this present form, as did the fore mentioned sources and systems.

        From these we have learned to Banish with some Pentagram Ritual: Aurum Solis, Golden Dawn, Thelemic, or The Banishing Ritual of the Serpent in The Magician’s Workbook by Steve Savedow. Then The Star Sapphire or Lesser Hexagram before Middle Pillar, Pyramid or other Centering Meditation. There should always be an alcohol and sacrament, at the end before the recitation of Liber Ararita.




            Banish the Temple, as You Will. Prepare the candles, incense of Mercury, and Mass upon the Altar. Be certain to be in violet, with silver sandals and winged headdress, as well as Caduceus Wand. Your Lamen should be either a depiction of Thoth, another Caduceus, or Holy Hexagram but a Planetary or Astrological Talisman will serve as well.

       Ring bell or Temple Gong in the pattern of 8-4-8-4-8-4 or if performing in a Lodge, the Lesser Initiates drum that ancient rhythm. Circle The Altar clockwise chanting Hermes Hadit lapis Thoth Hermes Hadit lapis Thoth… end standing in The West of the Temple facing East over the Altar.

        Visualize the Serpent-Star of Hadit Radiating violet light from a pulsing yellow unicursial hexagram. See the hexagram as the eyes of a gigantic serpent of silver with black wings.Allow the Eyes of the Unicursial Hexagram to be traced as the Planetary Hexagram of Mercury then trace the Planetay Sigil of Mercury from its Kamea, the Sigils of Kokab from the Kamea, and Oro Ibah Aozpi, say-


         Through the Force of Kokab and Oro Ibah Aozpi I call thee Spirit of Alchemic Mercury: Agothodiamon-Hadit! Lord of The Four Winds and Three Worlds, Master of the Double Serpent Wand! Hermaphrodite childe of Salt and Sulphur, who is The Path and The Great Work complete! Kundalini and Ouborous: Master of Light and Darkness; Khoas and Order; Magick and Matter!

       Come to this Star in the circle seeking squared. Guide and protect me through the Alchemies upon my True Will! Reveal to me The Mysteries of Microcosm and Macrocosm, as The Emerald Tablet has done. Inspire me in The Great Work to Elevation beyond even The Chymical Wedding and Babalon’s Elixir through your Stone of Philosophers Agothodaimon-Hadit!

     For your Stone is the Wondrous Vessel cast of Mercury! It is The Serpent-Star of The Divine Light made flesh! The Chalice of The Childe Aquarius, Lord of The Aion of Thoth: Agothodaimon-Hadit!

    Bless this Chalice before me to be such a Vessel, so I may worship you with wine distilled from red and white powder, and leave its dross and dregs for those who never knew you! Bless this Sacrament: so it will give me courage and strength, love and light, truth and beauty, wonder and wisdom for Elevation and The Great Work, Agothodaimon-Hadit!


     Drink the wine and consume the sacrament, feel the coils of Hadit extend through your Microcosm and Macrocosm. Allow yourself to be returned to the Light before Nothing, until soaring back on The Black Wings of Alchemic Mercury, suddenly reminding you of The Dragon of Nigris. Then the Serpent-Star-Light is diffused into you throughout then you are prepared to say-


   Agothodaimon-Hadit who is Thrice Great Hermes, Alchemical Mercury and Thoth the Lord of The Aion, Light and Center of My Star. Recoil and relax Shining Serpent of Mercury for this Rite has ended. Return to The Divine Light but stand closer My Mercury-Star and Stone of Hadit, be my foundation and illumination until we are United and Extinguished into The Perfect One.


   Repeat Manta until the energy is fully absorbed back into you then strike bell 4-8-4-8-4-8. Close Temple, and circle as the rite has ended.

















Copyright 2002 Frater Serpentis Satori





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