On Banishing

                   By Frater Serpentis Satori 9=2

     2 Jan 02ve Sun in Cap; Moon in Virgo


            Majick is many things to many different people. To some it is a form of psychology, to others a lost branch of science, or perhaps an art: but in any of those cases nothing is more important than the proper purity and focus. For Occult Psychiatrists, it removes the impurities and complexes within the Seeker. The Arcane Scientists would say it is similar to the proper sterile tools within a laboratory, while the Artists would say it is the sketchbook work that precedes any major project. So to work without proper Banishing techniques, if not dangerous is at least un-sane-itary.

                Those who abhor Ritual, Tradition and Self-discipline will always rant against these practices, but through observing them, they actually prove its necessity. The reason of Ritual Purity, though most basic, is very important for even Masters and Adepts. Without a properly envisioned sacred circle, one is at the mercy of the entire universe, usually meaning its lowest inhabitants. So much, like locking one’s car and home, especially when inside are for personal protection in majick we Banish.

                If these Rituals were merely Tradition without any purpose other than remedial ceremonialism as their opponents claim then they would not have such lasting results. Regardie suggests using The Lesser Banishing Pentagram for an entire year, as preparation for occult work. Even in smaller doses, they are both educational and purifying. The combination of these elements often leads to sudden and dramatic changes in the life of The Seeker every time a new form of Banishing is begun.

               This is the result of the energies released through the practice of even this most basic regiment of Hermetic Work. Not only is one calling upon Cosmic Forces often for the very first time: that begin to prepare one for the next stages. But Banishing also removes inertia by transforming those static and self-limiting aspects of one’s life creating both new thresholds of truth but also burning away obstacles to those new paths.

               So Banishing, at first, at any level, is always challenging but without being in the proper sacred space the Work is not possible. This is why many can not complete even this they are not ready for the realities that are opened through such sanitizing of themselves. They prefer to dwell within the comforts of inertia and spiritual childhood. They just ought not confuse their play at spell-ing, with The Great Work and Initiation.