The Emerald Tablet

Translation by Frater Serpentis Satori 9=2


             Verily it is true that The Above is that Below, and that Below is that Above, for The Wonders of The Cosmos. All things are from one: by contemplation upon it all things were made through permutations.

        The Sun is The Father, The Moon the Mother: wind is carried in its belly. The Earth Mother of evolution is the nurse, who clarifies and creates its wonders. Separate Earth from Fire, the light from the dense with Great Wisdom, and Devotion to the Work. Ascend from The Earth to The Heavens then descend again to Earth to receive all manner of wonders and wisdom.

    So thus is The Glory of The Cosmos. Away shall flee all Darkness, for by the Wonders of The Great Work, every light thing will be transformed and every dense thing be suffused. Thus the Cosmos was made, and its members, as was everything like this. Therefore I am Hermes Thrice-great, having these three forms of Wisdom, Wonder and Glory. Such is The Great Work, of the Solar Operation. 



Copyright 2002 Frater Serpentis Satori