On the Journal

         By Frater Serpentis Satori

            28 jan 02ve: Sun in Aq;

              Moon in Leo


              Majick is an odd fusion of many areas of human endeavourer; more correctly many disciplines have been spawned of Occultism both ancient and modern. Today we relate to majick through its relationship to these other areas: science, psychology, and Art. All three value the importance of adequate recording of the processes and techniques used- and so does sane occultism.

            Scientific Method is taught in most schools, as is the artistic process. Psychology too utilizes the techniques of medical science, and so do majickians since Crowley. Due more too the subjective and introspective nature of Right Hand Path Occultism, it necessitates greater objectivity in working and study with each techniques.

            This too has been abused. Some use this to claim all experiences are subjective, and forms of mental illness- and in their cases that is often a true diagnosis. Others warp science into a form of majick, easy due to Quantum and Chaos Theory- but a deceptive illusion. They confuse the technique for the Mysteries, and forget the Art aspect of majick.

            But without these forms of scrutiny, there is little to separate Inner Work from Madness. Campbell says, “The waters the mystic wades in, the madman drowns in”. There are innumerable reasons for this, but without recording every Ritual, every dream, every revelation, every Dark Night: it is impossible to Known Thyself and grow beyond the dross.

            The sheer tedium of recording and analyzing the most profound moments on The Path, gives them sense before we make it of them. It also allows the subtle transformations and transitions upon The Path, to be codified, defined, and noted for future reference. Only, through this, is self-awareness reached.

            The Journal also serves, as a study in personal cycles, be they linked to The Moon, The Sun, Retrogrades, or other life-phases the daily record will allow such details to come to light. After years, and decades of Work even better understandings of one’s relationships to various cycles becomes crystal clear. Then they can be better planned for and managed.

             Banishing, Meditation, and Ritual Work requires the Journal so they can be learned and perfected. Thus the need for objectivity, and impartiality in a majick journal: timing, mood, weather, Sun and Moon phases, weekday all should be noted.  As The Work progresses you learn from both good and bad sessions, difficulties and odd successes.

            Dreams and Synchronicities need recorded as well. At the start, these are the major communications of The Divine with one. The messages and symbols inherent, also serve as a mirror of your growth and initiations. Later on, they may be hints at what did await in The Mysteries, or Alchemic Parables, or contact with a Deity or Path, before actual contact.

             Today, most students study three years of serious work before being contacted by an Initiator. Most waste these years dabbling, revolving between groups, and seeking a Faith and Path. A solid series of journals, with good notes and commentary would allow them to see what worked for them, and ease through this most difficult period. Without this basic technique, most would never have the discipline for harder work, and the practice necessary for an Adept.