On the Lesser Self-Improvement

                  By Frater Serpentis Satori

                  Sun in Sag; Moon in Aries

                           25 nov 01 ve.


        After entering the Looking Glass World and dabbling and cavorting through several systems, and usually many dreadful sources, one reaches the next Crossroad. Actually, the choice is to find both a Path and Progress. Those who fail here: “do their own thing”, and eventually are consumed by Drugs and Madness and Qlippothic Yesod, for they have set themselves adrift without sail, rudder or guiding Star. I shall return to these themes later.

       Those who have crossed the broken walls of Malkuth, and left behind their Broken Worlds and Dreams entered into what should be a place of Wonder and Majesty (Hod and Netzcha in Kosher Kabala- The Dark Triad). Only to encounter others as Lost as themselves, and all answers seem just out of reach.

        There are reasons for this. Real Majick is Initiatory, rather than Dogmatic, so Beware Magi trying to sell you the Truth. They may guide and instruct, but no more. Again I will return to this.

         So now What? If one cannot find a Teacher, and distrusts mail order Lodges, where is The Path? What are the ways of finding My Way?

         Read and do everything in every book you buy, no matter how inane. This trial and error actually opens many of the best gateways. Then go online and discuss with others, but not until you have read and worked. You’ll save your newly redefined Self-esteem by waiting a few months.

         Record your dreams, odd happenings and work in a Majickal Diary. It is your Star Map-without Daily Notes of your Journey; you will have nothing worthy of any teacher’s time. Moon phases, weather and external influences that are relevant to your Soul’s Progress should also be included, but nothing of The Lower Worlds: gossip, drama, and opinion should be Banished to Another Volume.

         Walk backward. Think about your childhood and family, did they attract you to Majick? Did any of them practice in any form? And where are you from? What Tribes and Clans resonate within your Soul. What ancient cultures and art speak to you? This is the First Thread from The Labyrinth- Cultures, History and Tribal Connections.

         The Second is Myth. What myths spoke to you, and repeat in the movies and books you own, and recent dreams? Have you always connected with Circe, and Morgan Le Fey? Or are you drawn to The Sandy Glory of Ra’s Egypt? Do not rush here. Pause and consider, meditate and review all those stories that always touched your life.

          The final is Re-Initiation that once you begin upon the path even in the most modest of ways, you will slowly Re-cast Your Majick Circle. You will make odd new connections with those you were led to by the other two steps. Old Lovers, Old Enemies, Old Friends, and Old Rivals: all await you, back in your Majickal Life, as they always have. Since your Circle’s story began-

          Then, after all that, try to find Your Teacher. But Study, and Work and prepare for that Re-Union. But they will know you and you them, otherwise you are unfit for each other. Because without some sense of mutual Re-Cognition you will always question your relationship in often disturbing Freudian Ways, assuming it lasts even a year.

          If they do not appear so easily, then you must seek out further and broader. You should seek others of similar path and Tradition and what groups they are members of: from Lodges and Orders, to Covens, BBS’, E-lists, local pagan groups to even where your closest circle buys supplies. Then learn and find your place in the world.