On Dreams

          By Frater Serpentis Satori

       28 jan 02ve: Sun in Aq;

                  Moon in Leo


              The Journal is the map of The Path and dreams the scenery. Without them, little self-awareness would break through the early stages of Initiation. The fogs would remain impenetrable and the veils beyond belief. They are not just our forgotten daily grind, but the moon-shadows of becoming Perfect.

            Artists often draw their muses from their sleeping journeys, and Occultists draw their guidance, in the absence of a teacher. This makes them sacred and profound, the stuff Alchemy is made of and ignored by the base.

            In dreams we contact gods, spirits, secret places of wonder. These nights are the bridges to deeper awareness of these places. Those who ignore their dreams are starving themselves of their own Inner Life, while Majickians who drink deep learn the Wonder of this grail.

            The symbols in dreams hint of Mysteries forgotten in this Incarnation, and guidelines for study. Without these signs and symbols, The Masters would find it impossible to initiate those who truly need The Traditions. Each Grade has its own dreams and nightmares as the impurities of The Soul are cast into its Qlippoth.

           Nightmares are also of the majick mirror of dreamland. They are demons and inertia defending themselves from the infusions of Inner Light that continues upon The Path. Only by facing these tests from Our Inner Selves can we grow into The Higher Grades.

           The record of these dreams, of any sort, is the most personal part of any Majickal Journal. The Initiations that one goes through in the reflective realm of dreams are less physical than others at the same Grade, but as real. Other material may allude to personal issues outside of Initiation, or Theomancy or Alchemic issues bubbling within one’s soul.

           A weakness in dreaming often is because of a lack of reflection, or as often Ego Conflicts with Occult Work. Neither a good sign for an Initiate, as without the honesty and discipline required to record dreams, one is seldom prepared for the difficulties of even Neophyte work. Refusing to see the flaws in the reflection do mean that one lacks the character for even rudimentary majick in most Traditions.

         Strong dreamers, even early on, tend to be very intuitive on all planes and highly artistic. Vivid dreams often drew them into Esoteric Studies initially, and as they develop the dreams clarify and deepen with each Initiation. The danger for them is drifting into the Astral and forgetting the daily necessities of living. Recording and analyzing their dreams greatly improves the balance of these personalities.

        Any one, Seeker or Initiate needs to fallow and heed the messages of their dreams. They are the Inner Conflict made manifest, and dictations of The Higher Self into the medium of one’s soul. Never should they be ignored, degraded or forgotten- to do so is to wander without signposts or guidance in The Wasteland.