On a Path

           By Frater Serpentis Satori 9=2

   16 jan 02 ve: Sun in Cap; Moon in Pisc.


        Somehow you have entered into the realm of the Occult, Mysterious, and Majickal. After facing The Lie of The World, and escaping from every over-simple soapbox solution- one then must choose. Sifting through the volumes of lore, and studying assorted methods rarely produces significant results.

        Thus the next test, seeking a Path. Each Gateway and School is truly filled with its promised Wonders, for a select few. Most who wade into the rivers of Mystery either nearly drown and retreat or become masters of the easy waters. This is as true of Wicca, as Crowley.

        But those wallowing in the surfaces of the Traditions at least have entered the waves of current. Most would prefer to do neither, and prate prattle and dabble themselves into many positions unattainable to someone on a path. These are the Armchair Wizards, HPBS’, and Khaomancers so frequently encountered online.

       This is different from Seeking. As reading the Holy Texts of different Faiths is different from lip service and self-righteousness, in those Sacred Names. Seekers believe in Truth, Right and Light but have yet to find a Temple, Tradition or Path. But they await the proper Gate, not joining for sake of membership certificates, uniforms, or even group reputation.

       But that should be the need, and actual availability of The Path. True Initiates have always been rare, even in Humanities Greatest Periods, and they have hidden away so only those who seek may find. Do not be dissuaded by the false teachers, blind masters, and egocentric specialists, for it has been said, "the true initiate always hides among the false”.

       That said, it becomes a matter of Aesthetic, Mythic and personal taste, which Path is right. Being drawn to images of any pantheon, however unusual is a calling to its Path. So is love of the Culture and Art fermented by a way. It may begin as the most shallow and superficial interest, in say Chinese Art, then food, movies, music and ultimately Taoism and Ti Chi. Such is the first steps on every path.

      The Mythic interest, again grows as an attraction, and is often echoed in one’s video collection. Being drawn to Myths of Dragons and Elves, like Vampires are a good Mythic Foundation, but a poor attempt at a system. They merely show what type of energies and spirits, one is comfortable with, and a hint as to the right kind of Symbols and Tradition to draw from.

      The last aspect of The Path, is Spiritual Kinship. Only join any Path or Tradition that you would want to be seen as a member of, with full awareness of its image, history and social functions. Many join Neo-pagan groups for just this reason, and several Orders use this as a major point of the sale. Look at Practitioners and Elders of the path in your community or online, before deciding.

     For without a Path one is Lost; with the wrong path one is made to feel like a sideshow freak; and with The Path, one has returned again without leaving. This should be felt with every Symbol and Aspect of The Path. Otherwise continue Seeking.