On Seeking

      By Frater Serpentis Satori 9=2

      16 jan 02: Sun in Cap; Moon in Pis.


        Seekers are most often the majority of The Uninitiated, by their own choice. They would rather not blaspheme any Temple or Divinity by choosing wrongly. They are often the best read, and dedicated Occultists, occasionally better than some Initiates. This is a result of wandering the murky waters of majick alone, and with often little support even from a Circle.

        They in any group know the widest and broadest readings of anything from The Wheel of The Year, to The Nature of Humanity. They ask difficult questions, and are never pleased with easy or dogmatic answers. Deep within them they are looking for the truth in every thing and every path, because some how each seems far too limited to a seeker.

         This is often their dismay to belong to all but the loosest circles, one must share some core beliefs- be it The Rede or Golden Dawn Magic. Only rarely do they found Open Circles, or Seeker Circles to give them something to belong to. More often they travel alone through their uncertain path only now and then encountering a friend on their Path.

        So most of them ultimately tire of being on “their own path” and decide to study a tradition as their primary direction. Often they are good students, if uneven and distracted by earlier knowledge of majick. But part of them never really subscribes to any Tradition or Authority. Then they do return to journeying, as they have known.

        But some continue on in those Traditions. They are the Initiates who are well liked by peers, and humble at any stage of attainment. They see the importance of each lesson and technique, because they understand that it is only a system. Often they push themselves hardest of all, because they always had too.

        As Adepts, they are Synthesizers of everything that led them to Themselves, and so are less preachy and dogmatic than their more Traditionalist peers. Often these are The Adepts who always feel a need to return and give back to The Uninitiated. They can remember before they had a community.

       Masters who came down this road, seem darker and more contemplative, then their peers but also are more compassionate toward all but the most Evil. They tend to have broad networks that go into every area they have studied, and know many others with broadly different views. They are the true reformers within their adopted Traditions, never really have accepted the labels any one else places upon them.

      Seekers will always be part of Occultism. They are the most freethinking and free willed part of any community, and are a blessing for that. Without them it is likely that stagnation and structure would replace science of the sacred, and the true value of the quest for perfection would be disregarded for Cultism. They permit even Masters and Elders to see beyond their Traditions and beliefs about the Path, while never being too complacent to see the value in any one truth.