On Tradition

                 By Frater Serpentis Satori 9=2

                    Sun in Sag; Moon in Ares

                             25 nov 01ve


         Perhaps your Path has been winding, and truly solitary, without a circle or teacher. Perhaps you actually want your Spiritual Life to be guided by well-honed philosophies and principles. Perhaps you love Ritual and desire physical Initiation to complement Astral Initiation. Then you seek a Tradition.

         Tradition is a Foundation for learning, thus in the Ancient World they were The Mystery Schools. That term is still better for Occult Groups and Orders than Tradition, because it defines their format. They should never be static, or just the product of any one’s personal revelations, they should grow and evolve as new leaders and ideas are developed within the scope of The Mysteries.

        Mystery is actually the binding force in these groups. Often members do not share anything else in common, but the Mysteries imparted during Initiation. Freemasons only have The Blue Lodge Mysteries in common with each other, as they may come from any path or system of belief. They share Symbols and Oaths of everyone who has ever received those Mysteries, as do Initiates of all Mystery Schools.

        Today many terms are used to avoid this essential truth of Initiation. Some claim that Ascended Masters decide what becomes of Traditions, rather than observe the actions of the living leadership of their Mystery School. Others claim that the Symbols of Initiation are themselves alive and somehow control membership. Another group, that claims to be opposed to such things, uses the excuse that all Orders eventually collapse, to blame Currents of Energy for control of The Mysteries. All which sound like hallow deceptions of the lesser members by the greater to avoid responsibility for being Adepts and trying to feign Mastery.

       But otherwise Traditions are usually, more well evolved than “personal systems of gnosis” because of the sheer number of contributers since it’s founding. They use better organized: materials, and rituals with more highly refined Initiations, and Body of Membership. Everyone in a Tradition knows where they stand with all the others, so there is much less infighting and politics than mere Circles of Seekers.

       That is because those Systems have Traditional Rules, Initiations and Grades. Not everyone can handle the meritocracy inherent in such Mystery Schools, so they as Un-initiates whine about the Tradition’s Mysteries but have never known them! Rules also are unpopular in our culture of Net-porn and Drug Culture, but those types should “do their own thing”. The Responsibilty of being an Oath-bound member is great in any Tradition, but by giving up some freedom they gain Initiation, a Lodge, and access to a concealed Oral Tradition protected by The Mystery School.